Thursday, 8 May 2014

Are The Stars Lonely?

Let the rain pour upon a world so dead,
Let the pain soar from our words of death.
Let our misery be the pools that we drown in,
Like the devastation of the Judgement day horn being sounded.

As we stare and wonder; beyond the clouds frightening thunder,
Trying to find the rainbow but in the darkness we plunder.
Shadows of grief creeping in our hearts of plight,
And our souls ever searching for a reason to fight.

As we glare at the skies; whether in light or at night,
We contemplate the true meaning of being lonely.
Do the stars cry; the empty feeling when nobody phones me,
Do we subjugate our breathing; in sight or in flight?

Are the stars lonely; do the stars feel what we feel?
Though surrounded by many friends; the darkness is real.
Are the stars lonely; do they cry the tears that we cry,
Though in a comfort zone; do they feel pain in their eyes? 

Sitting in darkness with no friend but the lonely shadow,
Cornered with claustrophobia with walls ever so narrow.
Overwhelmed by the blanket of blank and the silent whispers,
The devil forever taunting with a shivering cold that lingers.

Eternally taken by the draughts of life in an infinite trial,
Like being scorched by the flames of a dismissive fire.
Drowning in the oceans of sorrow; forever a dark mystery,
Sounding the horns of hollow; reading our heart's history.

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