Friday, 23 May 2014


My heart does chartweels over the moon and beats like a melody,
My heart sings repeats of sonnets and adores you like a celebrity.
Forgive me for my felonies and my brevities,
As I just cannot grasp the complexity of this serrenity.
Is this fate; Is this what is known as destiny?
Fighting all that comes in way for what is meant to be.
A perplexity of non scientific chemistry,
Not comprehending who is my friend or who is my enemy.
I appreciate all the blessings that are sent to me,
But I cannot make decisions especially if they are left to me.
Forgive me as I endeavour to avoid all enmity,
And tell tales of myths and the greatest legacies.
Like the blessing of your presence in my life: yes it was meant for me,
And your angelic aura would always surface the best in me.
Now I've lost it and I'm bereft of heartbeat breathing heavily,
I miss you like the morning does when the sun sets to leave.

Not having you around is like the missing piece of a puzzle
Like staring into the reflection of a stagnant puddle
Looking for an answer but answered with silence,
You were the reason I smiled and my happiness heightened.
Everyday a moment of regret for the things that I said,
Never a second where you were never in my head.
Every day a reminder for my mistakes and imperfections,
I'm addicting to doing wrong: I need an intervention.
I wish I could say that I'm sorry but what would it change,
How could one word possibly reignite our old flame?
So  I write away in words that rhyme,
and a heart full of remorse,
And I fly away with you in mind,
With great hope for a friendship restored.

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