Saturday, 10 May 2014

A Worded Serenade Of Truth

Screaming lies; the bleeding eyes of dreaming sights,
Feeling light; the defeated might of believing life.
The past is chasing us while we look for a new beginning,
But never once do we  envision that we are winning.
Never a moment of reflection; or regrets to our sinning,
Never a contemplation of the lives that we are living.

An incision into our thoughts; an infliction from the many wars,
Trying to open all of the doors; yet prevented by petty laws.
Where is humanity; drowned by hatred; prejudice and lies,
Murdered by the corruption of the media and it's blood dripping knife.
Where is mankind; our sound represented by voices that have died,
Taken by the media are our choices for which we used to fight.

No rights for the casual free man,
a deadly silencer pointed to our minds.
Frightened of a time for when we stand,
An oppression of chaos to keep us blind.

What is a writers choice; what can a humble poet do,
except indulge in a serenade of rhyming words that define truth
What can those of written word do; what can we change,
But even sentences have the power to extinguish flames

Think about it; it's our words that really run the world.
Think about it; electoral speeches are spoken words
We care more about persuasive words than diamonds and 
But they don't want us to know so they mask all of it's worth.
This is a serenade to strengthen those who remain blind,
A worded medication to restore sight in our eyes.
A voice of one poet who wants freedom for all,
For the oppressed; For a new world;  Let's give the call.


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