Friday, 23 May 2014

My Doubtful Heart

Days are passing by yet you linger in my mind,
Not even a whisper from you; you're becoming a memory.
Nights are passing by yet it seems there is no time,
I understand now that no soul can truly rebel against destiny. 

The mornings are silent; no breeze or tweets from the birds,
The sun no longer shining; has peace just become a word?
Eternity has become reality when my life is bereft of you,
Even a moment lasts forever when fighting for the truth.

The gentle waves when the sun sets and the crisp orange skies,
Does the day truly end at such a powerful and majestic sight?
The blanket of darkness and glimmering stars in the night,
And the shadows crawl while the gale winds cry.

Many questions arise in thoughts; I'm struggling to answer,
A plague of doubts and rhetorics that  consume me like cancer.
The faith I once had in my heart is misguided by my mind,
As I sit here struggling with my pen to find words that rhyme.

Forced to my knees; my sorrowful pleas rejected,
 My courage now just a commodity; bravery defective.
Now the winds catch my tears and take them with the rain,
When once upon a time they could extinguish the mightiest of flames.

Take me oh death; I want to sigh away my last breath,
I can't cope with the confusion in my head.
As I lay on my bed; I pray you keep me a rest,
and stop me from waking up to a morning unblessed. 


My heart does chartweels over the moon and beats like a melody,
My heart sings repeats of sonnets and adores you like a celebrity.
Forgive me for my felonies and my brevities,
As I just cannot grasp the complexity of this serrenity.
Is this fate; Is this what is known as destiny?
Fighting all that comes in way for what is meant to be.
A perplexity of non scientific chemistry,
Not comprehending who is my friend or who is my enemy.
I appreciate all the blessings that are sent to me,
But I cannot make decisions especially if they are left to me.
Forgive me as I endeavour to avoid all enmity,
And tell tales of myths and the greatest legacies.
Like the blessing of your presence in my life: yes it was meant for me,
And your angelic aura would always surface the best in me.
Now I've lost it and I'm bereft of heartbeat breathing heavily,
I miss you like the morning does when the sun sets to leave.

Not having you around is like the missing piece of a puzzle
Like staring into the reflection of a stagnant puddle
Looking for an answer but answered with silence,
You were the reason I smiled and my happiness heightened.
Everyday a moment of regret for the things that I said,
Never a second where you were never in my head.
Every day a reminder for my mistakes and imperfections,
I'm addicting to doing wrong: I need an intervention.
I wish I could say that I'm sorry but what would it change,
How could one word possibly reignite our old flame?
So  I write away in words that rhyme,
and a heart full of remorse,
And I fly away with you in mind,
With great hope for a friendship restored.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My Pain

It's come to a point now where if crying really has a purpose,
If shedding away sorrowful tears could heal all of the hurting.
Silent screams the heart extrudes; can you hear the pain,
Through the darkness of the night and the pelting of the rain.

It's a cold day to hear what the souls say; how do I forget,
My heart is rotting away like aging corpses; full of many regrets.
Take away my mind; take away my body; everything I use as a shield,
Because people always think they know yet never understand how I feel.

Every day is a day that an individual has to display true strength,
But how can one stand when being chipped away at even by friends?
If I could let loose my heart and share my pain with the world,
No one will ever again complain how much a bullet hurts.

Even my words are tired; even the pen I write with is crying,
An intolerable burn from an eternal fire; lost all will to keep trying.
You haven't seen me smile; I simply have no reason to,
Even my shadows will change just like the seasons do.

The reality of despair has no brighter side; just a false fantasy,
Pain cannot be repaired; I lost sight of life enduring that agony.
Friends are just people that leave footprints; but they too fade,
Blessings are disguised yet not for everyone to embrace.

What is life but a test of strength and I seem to be failing,
Because no one understands the reason why my heart is wailing
If I can't cry; If I can't try; If I can't fight then death can you take me?
For this suffering isn't worth the breath that you gave me.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Empty Heart

I'm breaking; I'm shaking; a crumbling weakness of tearing away,
I'm fading; It's raining; drowning in regrets for things I dared to say.
The nights are darker than what they used to be; maybe it's me,
Overwhelmed with despair that cannot be repaired; crazy it seems.

The light is just a dim hope; a spiders thread to keep tight a hold,
And for this very thought of ease and peace; a conflict of the soul.
My pain isn't the blood that leaks from my eyes; weary of crying,
Nor the wounds and scars inflicted from perseverance of fighting.

My pain is the screams that aren't heard; the dying wishes,
Yet I struggle to find a word to describe exactly what this is.
I find solace in the silent skies of night; maybe the stars listen,
But I hear whispers of past; don't tread where the snakes are hissing.

In times of cold; In times like old even your shadow is a friend,
Sitting besides you in a dark corner on the wall's narrow end.
What is agony; can it be described by a string of rhyming words,
Through poetry; sonnets; songs or lyrics; what is it worth?
Sometimes I wonder if sorrow is infinite in this dead world,
But I find that we have only seen the good in what is worse.

Blinded by ignorance; our minds remain trapped in internal battles,
Like the eternal torture of hell; held prisoner by the infernal shackles.
My heart is empty; you shall find no pool of emotions and feelings,
The stars are heavy;  no radiant moon to hope in or believe in.
We must contemplate if everything we lived for was really worth it,
After all; what is a barren soul bereft of life and defeated purpose?

Saturday, 10 May 2014

A Worded Serenade Of Truth

Screaming lies; the bleeding eyes of dreaming sights,
Feeling light; the defeated might of believing life.
The past is chasing us while we look for a new beginning,
But never once do we  envision that we are winning.
Never a moment of reflection; or regrets to our sinning,
Never a contemplation of the lives that we are living.

An incision into our thoughts; an infliction from the many wars,
Trying to open all of the doors; yet prevented by petty laws.
Where is humanity; drowned by hatred; prejudice and lies,
Murdered by the corruption of the media and it's blood dripping knife.
Where is mankind; our sound represented by voices that have died,
Taken by the media are our choices for which we used to fight.

No rights for the casual free man,
a deadly silencer pointed to our minds.
Frightened of a time for when we stand,
An oppression of chaos to keep us blind.

What is a writers choice; what can a humble poet do,
except indulge in a serenade of rhyming words that define truth
What can those of written word do; what can we change,
But even sentences have the power to extinguish flames

Think about it; it's our words that really run the world.
Think about it; electoral speeches are spoken words
We care more about persuasive words than diamonds and 
But they don't want us to know so they mask all of it's worth.
This is a serenade to strengthen those who remain blind,
A worded medication to restore sight in our eyes.
A voice of one poet who wants freedom for all,
For the oppressed; For a new world;  Let's give the call.


Thursday, 8 May 2014

Are The Stars Lonely?

Let the rain pour upon a world so dead,
Let the pain soar from our words of death.
Let our misery be the pools that we drown in,
Like the devastation of the Judgement day horn being sounded.

As we stare and wonder; beyond the clouds frightening thunder,
Trying to find the rainbow but in the darkness we plunder.
Shadows of grief creeping in our hearts of plight,
And our souls ever searching for a reason to fight.

As we glare at the skies; whether in light or at night,
We contemplate the true meaning of being lonely.
Do the stars cry; the empty feeling when nobody phones me,
Do we subjugate our breathing; in sight or in flight?

Are the stars lonely; do the stars feel what we feel?
Though surrounded by many friends; the darkness is real.
Are the stars lonely; do they cry the tears that we cry,
Though in a comfort zone; do they feel pain in their eyes? 

Sitting in darkness with no friend but the lonely shadow,
Cornered with claustrophobia with walls ever so narrow.
Overwhelmed by the blanket of blank and the silent whispers,
The devil forever taunting with a shivering cold that lingers.

Eternally taken by the draughts of life in an infinite trial,
Like being scorched by the flames of a dismissive fire.
Drowning in the oceans of sorrow; forever a dark mystery,
Sounding the horns of hollow; reading our heart's history.