Friday, 4 April 2014

Should I say?

Laying in my bed; thinking of something to say,
I just want to talk to her without driving her away.
Should I say Hi; Hello or should I let pass another day,
Maybe she'll miss me; no it doesn't work that way.
How do I start the conversation letting her know,
That I miss her more than the way I tend to show.
No; Just No; No more indulging in these feelings,
I promised myself that I would just leave it.
The way she makes me smile gives my life a new meaning,
And every reason to keep on believing.
I lose words when I speak to her,
I lose worth when I reach to her.
But she's always on my mind; like what is she doing,
I hope she's smiling; have a good day I'll leave you to it'
The stars are beautiful but not like her,
The moon is beautiful but not like her.
Even the heavens and galaxies; and the many things we dream of,
All so beautiful but just not like her.
I love having her in my life; every second of it,
But it's just telling her the hard part; and my confidence keeps lessening.
I love her smile; and the way she speaks;
Her accent; her voice; and how she's so sweet.
Gentle like the birds; graceful like the angels,
And she became everything to me when once she was a stranger.
She has a beautiful name; indeed the portugese perfection
I have a feeling that meeting her was just the dreams inception.
Now I'm lost for words; She isn't just a girl,
From nobody to somebody to my whole world.

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