Sunday, 6 April 2014

My feelings

Millions of questions and thoughts flying in my mind,
Why do I love you; Why do I think of you all the time?
There are a million stars; there are millions of people,
It could have been anyone but it's you; why is love so evil?
You sit there unaware of the fact of how much I care,
And sometimes you think of me when I'm sometimes not there.
Yet you still don't know how I feel; yes my princess it's real,
I would fly to the moon and back just  to prove my zeal.
You are the core of my heart; the centre to my affections,
You are the reason I smile in the dark; the presenter of perfection.
No matter how much I miss you; you don't and thats the issue,
And I constantly have this feeling that I just want to kiss you.
I want to hold you in my arms; and protect you from all harm,
And coerce you with my beautiful words and sensitive charm.
I want to call you mine; and be with you till the end of time,
Cause you are forever my light that I see in my mind.
So here are a  few words; for the one who is my world,
All the money in the world couldn't value your worth.
Cause you aren't just a girl; you're precious like a pearl,
And the fact you don't feel the same is what really hurts.
I just wanna be your prince; or maybe your king,
For you I would even sing; and absolutely anything.
I just want us to be a team; but it's all just a dream,
Cause in reality magic just isn't what it seems.
So while I finish writing and contain all of my feelings;
I hope you read it; and eventually believe it,
When I say those three words; When I find the strength,
I love you and I hope one day we will be more than friends.

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