Saturday, 5 April 2014

Falling In Love - Non Poetic Entry


What is love?

Now this was a question that remains to be answered. Throughout our entire lives we are bound to fall in love; whether we realize it or not is an entirely different question. Love is something we all experience, even myself. A good friend of mine has suggested I posted an entry on it and talk about it's every aspect so this is what this post is for. 

To some, Love is just a word; To many it is a feeling and To most It is a lifestyle. Love controls our thoughts; our actions and the way we are without our consciousness. Love is the reason why we do things we never imagine we would do, the reason why we would go to such extreme lengths for that one person. The reason why we would openly and willing face embarrassment when any other reason would just be thrown in the bin. 

Love is something we cherish, yet It can be something that hurts us. Love is something we want but also something we end up hating. Love is something we always think about yet sometimes our biggest regret. Love can be harmony and serenity but also in it's alternative state a pain unbearable; indescribable and  far worse than the physical pains we endure. 

We use the term "Fall in Love", because it is unexpected just like when we trip and fall; It is unintentional.
Love always happens when we don't know it and in most occasions we refuse to accept it. Now I'm speaking from a males perspective of course, but most of it can be applied to a females perspective too.

Love has no questions. Love has no answers. Love has no when, why or how. It's presence is just there. It will force itself on the host. A person can fall in love even without visually seeing the person or meeting the person. I know this because I am in love. And it definitely is love, because no word I can find in the dictionary has the ability to describe these emotions. No word to describe why my mind is in constant thought of her, why I miss her so much, why I just want to talk to her so badly. I want to tell her exactly how I feel about her but it is cause of that same love I'm afraid. This is what love does. It can sometimes be a game, and we get stuck and we don't know how to make the next move. I'm in a good place right now, and I don't want to ruin that for the world. I'm afraid If I reveal my true feelings this will ruin everything I have right now with her, that beautiful friendship. She is the reason I smile everyday, and I can't go a single day without talking to her; and if by any chance per say that friendship was ruined by my own feelings I could not say what I would do or how I would feel not having her presence in my life. 

Maybe she will read this; Maybe she won't. But this is something we all share and we all like to talk about sometimes. Love is the reason we live sometimes; but love is also the reason for hate. Love and Hatred cannot exist without the other. So yes, not everything about love is promising or absolute heavenly. 
Love is equally as painful as it is to feel in heaven and bestowed with joy and happiness.

If one day, dear reader, you fall in love... May it be the the one true love you desire.


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