Monday, 21 April 2014

Always a moment

Always a moment to ponder; always a second to think,
Always a minute to answer but never a regret to sin.
Our hearts are bombarded with pain; never a smile;
Our eyes are always leaking tears; never a glimmer in a while.
Like the harvesting of the glorious blue skies above,
And the fair maiden running with tears from cries of love.
Every glance is a beauty; Every glance is a serene scene,
The kind that are usually seen in beautiful dreams.
Our lives have purpose; no we are not worthless,
Everything that we do has an end; eventually all worth it.
We use our minds never our hearts to decide,
The reason unknown for when our hearts divide.
The dormant mixture of emotions that tend to reside,
Suppressing everything deep down; everything inside.
No difference between truth or lie; this is life;
No difference between you or I; except in sight.
No difference between friends or enemies; except in eyes,
No difference between trends or melodies; except in signs
This is what we live for; resolving the mysteries,
Unravelling the truth and exposing the histories.
An ecstasy of parallel emotions that are lifting me,
Or cornered in my mind's prison and my heart won't visit me.
I don't care what people think of me; cause this is me,
And the more that they do It will just be my victory.

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