Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Unspoken Words

If I were to speak those words that forever remained silent,
If I were to reach those worlds that forever remained violent,
If I were to speak my mind the way i should have,
Those words would leave this life enlightened

Friends are enemies with a smile; deadly trust,
Forever repelling a joyous era like an empty lust.
A knife in the back is easy; they won't leave until you are screaming.
And you only find the truth until they are leaving.

A heartless world; an empty life with no one to rely on,
Dry tears are falling on the soulless paper I write on.
Cold winds fly with the days that pass till night,
And in the very end near slumber It seems I was right.

Truth is a lie; and the lies are the truth,
Good and bad are no longer two different views.
As for my tormented heart; it's unbearable crying,
Screaming in pain daily like the wilting flower dying.

If I were to break down; and reveal a new open world;
Would you be able to understand my unspoken words?

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