Monday, 24 March 2014

Twitter FreeStyle

I'm poetic even when I don't intend to be,
And that's how everyone knows rhyming is meant for me.
 Day by day I'm slowly being recognised,
For  things that I say and the words that I emphasise.
 I could easily just drop a poetic line or two,
And the light I reveal exposes the blinded truth.
I'm not just a poet I'm a rhyme for rhyme diplomat,
I spend time like a bitch with her selfies on Instagram
I shed light with what I said right,
And my bled mind with the hands that I let write.
I slaughter grammatical word play; And they ain't lyrical,
I'm a poet from start to end; witness the miracle.
 Don't give a fuck what a bitch says; I can rhyme explicit,
Everything I say is real; not like your promises implicit.
 Give me a dictionary and the pages I will crease every corner,
Every word thats been slain I will burn in the flames of the slaughter.
Man I'm dropping miracle lines with my physical mind,
And I'm not in a lyrical sight for my spiritual eyes.
I was never that poet who used to free styling,
But here I am droppin lyrical insights like the tree's flying.
And this isn't just a freestyle; I'm an open mind,
My talents are only shining with a focused sight.
 And when I break your mind with abysmal word skills,
Don't fake your crying with dismal hurt thrills.
I was called a poetic samurai; words sharper than blades,
I could incinerate enemies with words hotter than flames.
 Some say I have a beautiful mind; Some say its a gift,
But I say I have a dutiful life; and that's to live in eternal bliss.
I stay a poet yet flow like a talented hip hop artist,
That where the passion lies; the place where my heart is.

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  1. This poem is so good!!! This is what rappers lack, the lyrics that actually have meaning. Thumbs up! @xSimple_Life. A true fan of poetry