Saturday, 22 March 2014

To Win Your Love

The winds may fly with time in awestruck days,
And indeed my mind is exhausted from these awful games.
You stole my heart and never thought once to return it,
But instead you held on to it and decided to burn it.

The cold screeches of winter nights always reach me,
As if the shadows in the dark were quietly speaking.
Yet I find myself lost as nobody believes me,
And I can't find my life's purpose or a meaning.

You took my every breath away; I'm breathless,
And you make me feel immortal; I'm deathless.
Why do I long for your hold; Your love,
And the rain is a sign that the skies cry; the heavens above.

Take me away from this prison; this prism,
I feel empty; tortured by fate I'm a victim.
As I scream out my soul nobody listens,
For now I care not for what is and what isn't.

Drowning in my sorrows; my regrets; my remorse,
Tormented by my emotions; like never before.
Yet I wish nothing except to win back your heart,
Even if it means I must collect all of the stars.

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