Thursday, 27 March 2014

Sleep and Slumber

A requiem of melodies encompass my mind,
Scenes of magic and beauty are played out 
As the gentleness of comfort ceases my eyes,
And forces me into slumber; the shadow fades now.

The aurora night skies and glistening stars,
The light of the galaxies that shelter us.
No one realises but we have listening hearts,
And they hear the songs that welder us.

We dream of an alternate life of perfection,
where everything is for us; so lovely; so right.
No one ever sees that dream as an inception,
For things to come; for a better life.

As we are at ease in the comfort of our beds,
underneath the blessed warmth of our blankets.
It feels though nothing may touch us; not even death.
Yet temporarily it has but we don't know when we pass it.

As the weariness of the day now reaches me,
I close my eyes to enjoy slumber and sleep.
Tonight I hear the stars speaking to me,
As slumber grasps me and I fall asleep.

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