Friday, 14 March 2014

Revolutionary Rhyming

I'm bleeding; yet invisible is the crimson stream,
I'm screaming; yet unheard is the distant screech.

I'm not breathing; yet alive I am bereft of peace,
Lies are deceiving; yet truth hurts instead of ease.

Shadows creeping; gliding across the walls in dark,
Narrow weeping; crying from the calls of heart.

Stars are burning out; the moon is losing balance,
The galaxies turning now; the truth is challenged.

The skies are no longer blue; beauty is fading,
The mountains no longer a view:  the rubies are changing.

The whispers of life we used to hear have gone silent,
And now a once peace filled world is nothing but a battlefield;
Full of blood and violence.

Tears and fears; screaming and screeching;
Mothers wailing for their unborns and bleeding.

Children dying; Fathers crying;
And the rest of them fighting.

This is the world we live in; so evil,
And stuck in the matrix are all of it's people.

From peasants to leaders; no sympathy,
No dignity; No chivalry just prejudice and bigotry.

My words are just a start; to a revolution,
A beginning to perhaps a worldwide resolution.

Let's start with evolution; begin small then grow large,
And eventually we will reach the millions of hearts.

Let's make a change; a difference to this dying world,
And that small start is with rhyming words

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