Sunday, 23 March 2014

My Story

Open my heart and tell me what you hear,
A bombardment of screaming emotions.
From a loving light to every single fear,
And the same horror of a mighty explosion.

You could never understand how I feel,
Alone; Hurt; Finally wanting to open.
Internal scars that will never ever heal,
Through these passing years that I've been hoping.

My heart is screaming; but you won't feel it,
The dark is preaching but what is this feeling?
My soul is screeching; what is the meaning,
I'm no longer breathing; and my heart isn't beating.

My tears couldn't tell the story of my pain,
My lonely sighs could not stop the rain.
My fears are the glory of a burning flame,
Knowing now that things will never be the same.

Every individual that is born is usually born free,
Yet I am trapped under my shadows controlling me so lordly.
Drowning in the pool of my sorrows and everything before me;
Take my heart; feel my pain cause this is my story.

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