Thursday, 27 March 2014

Inspired words

Every day when I wake up I always tend to think,
Today I just cannot lose; I really need to win.
I cannot move forward with my eyes closed,
And I cannot achieve anything with my mind disposed.

Sometimes it's a warm day; sometimes it's cold,
But that won't stop us strengthening our souls.
Every day is a new day; a new chance,
To work  on our dreams and new plans.

Let's get up and fight for what we want and desire,
Instead of the people who cry till they retire.
Let us show the world what having a heart means,
And that we can achieve our victory in a heart beat.

Our dreams are what we live for; to achieve,
And we live everyday to the fullest cause we believe.
We know what truth is and what lies decieve,
But we fight with belief; that we shall succeed.

Let this be an inspiration to those who lost it,
Who have fallen prey to ill talk and gossip.
Let this be motivation to those who need it,
For those who lost their smiles
And need something to believe in

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