Saturday, 22 March 2014

Innocently Punished

A shattered heart hurts more than a knife wound,
And the misery feels like I'm going to die soon.

What wrong did I commit that I must face this,
What song did I not sing that I must embrace this?

You used to take my breath away but I'm still breathing,
And now I have lost all words to explain how I am feeling.

The earth used to move and now my heart won't,
And the galaxies would whisper and now the stars don't.

You took away my heart and smashed it like glass,
Shattered into many pieces and left it in your past.

Even though you still run across my many thoughts,
I contemplate the reasons why I still fought.

I remember your face and I'm ready for war,
To fight for you and the love that I sought.

Yet you pushed me away till I was all alone,
And I'm still waiting for another text on my phone.

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