Sunday, 2 March 2014

Fighting Destiny

The apparition of sorrow has grasped me in a hold,
Tormenting me from my heart right into my soul.
The nightmares of old want to suffocate me,
And the shadows of solitude want to subjugate me.

The  misery in my heart uncureable; I can't find a remedy,
Listening to the songs of life; I still can't find the right melody.
Living my life daily with regrets; Wishing I told her what she meant to me,
Cursing fate every moment I find; constantly challenging my destiny.

In this world  there is no difference between friends and enemies,
You tend to make do and forget about what's meant to be.
I remember her smile; the way her hair swayed so elegantly,
And how everybody used to adore her like a celebrity.

The way she used to make me feel; a passion and ecstasy,
I would believe that only love existed and never a thing as enmity.
She wasn't just a fairy tale; a story; a myth or a legacy,
She was an angel who would sing an ode oh so heavenly

She captivates my soul; no forgiveness for my felonies,
Or mercy for lack of passion and for my brevities.
Love is a concoction of emotions; a newly made recipe,
Containing endlessly serenity and non scientific chemistry.

An attraction our minds fail to understand;  a solemnity,
A passion our hearts fail to grasp;  a perplexity. 
 A song to the beats of my heart that leaves me breathing heavily,
What is to be of me as I continue to fight my destinies?

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