Thursday, 27 March 2014

Inspired words

Every day when I wake up I always tend to think,
Today I just cannot lose; I really need to win.
I cannot move forward with my eyes closed,
And I cannot achieve anything with my mind disposed.

Sometimes it's a warm day; sometimes it's cold,
But that won't stop us strengthening our souls.
Every day is a new day; a new chance,
To work  on our dreams and new plans.

Let's get up and fight for what we want and desire,
Instead of the people who cry till they retire.
Let us show the world what having a heart means,
And that we can achieve our victory in a heart beat.

Our dreams are what we live for; to achieve,
And we live everyday to the fullest cause we believe.
We know what truth is and what lies decieve,
But we fight with belief; that we shall succeed.

Let this be an inspiration to those who lost it,
Who have fallen prey to ill talk and gossip.
Let this be motivation to those who need it,
For those who lost their smiles
And need something to believe in

Sleep and Slumber

A requiem of melodies encompass my mind,
Scenes of magic and beauty are played out 
As the gentleness of comfort ceases my eyes,
And forces me into slumber; the shadow fades now.

The aurora night skies and glistening stars,
The light of the galaxies that shelter us.
No one realises but we have listening hearts,
And they hear the songs that welder us.

We dream of an alternate life of perfection,
where everything is for us; so lovely; so right.
No one ever sees that dream as an inception,
For things to come; for a better life.

As we are at ease in the comfort of our beds,
underneath the blessed warmth of our blankets.
It feels though nothing may touch us; not even death.
Yet temporarily it has but we don't know when we pass it.

As the weariness of the day now reaches me,
I close my eyes to enjoy slumber and sleep.
Tonight I hear the stars speaking to me,
As slumber grasps me and I fall asleep.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Twitter FreeStyle

I'm poetic even when I don't intend to be,
And that's how everyone knows rhyming is meant for me.
 Day by day I'm slowly being recognised,
For  things that I say and the words that I emphasise.
 I could easily just drop a poetic line or two,
And the light I reveal exposes the blinded truth.
I'm not just a poet I'm a rhyme for rhyme diplomat,
I spend time like a bitch with her selfies on Instagram
I shed light with what I said right,
And my bled mind with the hands that I let write.
I slaughter grammatical word play; And they ain't lyrical,
I'm a poet from start to end; witness the miracle.
 Don't give a fuck what a bitch says; I can rhyme explicit,
Everything I say is real; not like your promises implicit.
 Give me a dictionary and the pages I will crease every corner,
Every word thats been slain I will burn in the flames of the slaughter.
Man I'm dropping miracle lines with my physical mind,
And I'm not in a lyrical sight for my spiritual eyes.
I was never that poet who used to free styling,
But here I am droppin lyrical insights like the tree's flying.
And this isn't just a freestyle; I'm an open mind,
My talents are only shining with a focused sight.
 And when I break your mind with abysmal word skills,
Don't fake your crying with dismal hurt thrills.
I was called a poetic samurai; words sharper than blades,
I could incinerate enemies with words hotter than flames.
 Some say I have a beautiful mind; Some say its a gift,
But I say I have a dutiful life; and that's to live in eternal bliss.
I stay a poet yet flow like a talented hip hop artist,
That where the passion lies; the place where my heart is.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

My Story

Open my heart and tell me what you hear,
A bombardment of screaming emotions.
From a loving light to every single fear,
And the same horror of a mighty explosion.

You could never understand how I feel,
Alone; Hurt; Finally wanting to open.
Internal scars that will never ever heal,
Through these passing years that I've been hoping.

My heart is screaming; but you won't feel it,
The dark is preaching but what is this feeling?
My soul is screeching; what is the meaning,
I'm no longer breathing; and my heart isn't beating.

My tears couldn't tell the story of my pain,
My lonely sighs could not stop the rain.
My fears are the glory of a burning flame,
Knowing now that things will never be the same.

Every individual that is born is usually born free,
Yet I am trapped under my shadows controlling me so lordly.
Drowning in the pool of my sorrows and everything before me;
Take my heart; feel my pain cause this is my story.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Yes it hurts..

Take a pair of scissors and cut me; It hurts,
But I can tell you of something much much worse.
Take a rock; throw it in my face; yes it hurts,
But I can tell you of something much much worse.

Punch me; Kick me; Slap me; yes it hurts,
But I can tell you of something much much worse.
Stab me, Shoot me; Break me; Yes it hurts,
But I can tell you of something much much worse.

Break my bones; Take my phone; Yes it hurts,
But I can tell you of something much much worse.
Crack my neck; Slap my head; Yes it hurts,
But I can tell you of something much much worse.

All of these  pains are something we endure daily,
But I know of something from which nobody can save me.
I'm sick of this heavy stress I've been facing lately,
It feels like the whole world is completely against me.

A broken heart is by far worse from all of inflictions;
Something worse than death in all convictions.
At least when you're dead you won't have to feel it,
But when you're alive you suffer through every meaning.

So yes; tell me about everything that seems to hurt,
Because I know of something much much worse.
Tell me how you're hurt even with words,
Because a broken heart is much much worse.

To Win Your Love

The winds may fly with time in awestruck days,
And indeed my mind is exhausted from these awful games.
You stole my heart and never thought once to return it,
But instead you held on to it and decided to burn it.

The cold screeches of winter nights always reach me,
As if the shadows in the dark were quietly speaking.
Yet I find myself lost as nobody believes me,
And I can't find my life's purpose or a meaning.

You took my every breath away; I'm breathless,
And you make me feel immortal; I'm deathless.
Why do I long for your hold; Your love,
And the rain is a sign that the skies cry; the heavens above.

Take me away from this prison; this prism,
I feel empty; tortured by fate I'm a victim.
As I scream out my soul nobody listens,
For now I care not for what is and what isn't.

Drowning in my sorrows; my regrets; my remorse,
Tormented by my emotions; like never before.
Yet I wish nothing except to win back your heart,
Even if it means I must collect all of the stars.

Innocently Punished

A shattered heart hurts more than a knife wound,
And the misery feels like I'm going to die soon.

What wrong did I commit that I must face this,
What song did I not sing that I must embrace this?

You used to take my breath away but I'm still breathing,
And now I have lost all words to explain how I am feeling.

The earth used to move and now my heart won't,
And the galaxies would whisper and now the stars don't.

You took away my heart and smashed it like glass,
Shattered into many pieces and left it in your past.

Even though you still run across my many thoughts,
I contemplate the reasons why I still fought.

I remember your face and I'm ready for war,
To fight for you and the love that I sought.

Yet you pushed me away till I was all alone,
And I'm still waiting for another text on my phone.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Revolutionary Rhyming

I'm bleeding; yet invisible is the crimson stream,
I'm screaming; yet unheard is the distant screech.

I'm not breathing; yet alive I am bereft of peace,
Lies are deceiving; yet truth hurts instead of ease.

Shadows creeping; gliding across the walls in dark,
Narrow weeping; crying from the calls of heart.

Stars are burning out; the moon is losing balance,
The galaxies turning now; the truth is challenged.

The skies are no longer blue; beauty is fading,
The mountains no longer a view:  the rubies are changing.

The whispers of life we used to hear have gone silent,
And now a once peace filled world is nothing but a battlefield;
Full of blood and violence.

Tears and fears; screaming and screeching;
Mothers wailing for their unborns and bleeding.

Children dying; Fathers crying;
And the rest of them fighting.

This is the world we live in; so evil,
And stuck in the matrix are all of it's people.

From peasants to leaders; no sympathy,
No dignity; No chivalry just prejudice and bigotry.

My words are just a start; to a revolution,
A beginning to perhaps a worldwide resolution.

Let's start with evolution; begin small then grow large,
And eventually we will reach the millions of hearts.

Let's make a change; a difference to this dying world,
And that small start is with rhyming words

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Unspoken Words

If I were to speak those words that forever remained silent,
If I were to reach those worlds that forever remained violent,
If I were to speak my mind the way i should have,
Those words would leave this life enlightened

Friends are enemies with a smile; deadly trust,
Forever repelling a joyous era like an empty lust.
A knife in the back is easy; they won't leave until you are screaming.
And you only find the truth until they are leaving.

A heartless world; an empty life with no one to rely on,
Dry tears are falling on the soulless paper I write on.
Cold winds fly with the days that pass till night,
And in the very end near slumber It seems I was right.

Truth is a lie; and the lies are the truth,
Good and bad are no longer two different views.
As for my tormented heart; it's unbearable crying,
Screaming in pain daily like the wilting flower dying.

If I were to break down; and reveal a new open world;
Would you be able to understand my unspoken words?

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Fighting Destiny

The apparition of sorrow has grasped me in a hold,
Tormenting me from my heart right into my soul.
The nightmares of old want to suffocate me,
And the shadows of solitude want to subjugate me.

The  misery in my heart uncureable; I can't find a remedy,
Listening to the songs of life; I still can't find the right melody.
Living my life daily with regrets; Wishing I told her what she meant to me,
Cursing fate every moment I find; constantly challenging my destiny.

In this world  there is no difference between friends and enemies,
You tend to make do and forget about what's meant to be.
I remember her smile; the way her hair swayed so elegantly,
And how everybody used to adore her like a celebrity.

The way she used to make me feel; a passion and ecstasy,
I would believe that only love existed and never a thing as enmity.
She wasn't just a fairy tale; a story; a myth or a legacy,
She was an angel who would sing an ode oh so heavenly

She captivates my soul; no forgiveness for my felonies,
Or mercy for lack of passion and for my brevities.
Love is a concoction of emotions; a newly made recipe,
Containing endlessly serenity and non scientific chemistry.

An attraction our minds fail to understand;  a solemnity,
A passion our hearts fail to grasp;  a perplexity. 
 A song to the beats of my heart that leaves me breathing heavily,
What is to be of me as I continue to fight my destinies?