Sunday, 16 February 2014

Lost my smile...

Shrouded thoughts; Clouded wars of emotions in conflict,
Sounded roars; Doubting Laws of Love like a convict.
Questioning the truth I live and see with heart and mind,
Who am I; What am I? So blissfully ignorant and blind.

The skies may drift by; the passion of the nights we live by,
Stars dancing to our wishes that we make in this life.
The moon cradled upon the galaxies; the centre of fantasies,
Transforms the things we want to see; to nightmares and agonies.

Lead by the misleading mind we travel through this world,
Faced by many trials and tribulations; the reason for a poetic word.
Lead by the misleading heart we look for what love is worth,
But instead we are met with disaster; unintended and worse.

I gave my heart away because I no longer trusted it's guidance,
I locked my mind away because I no longer trusted it's path.
And ever since that day the anticipation of life has heightened,
But I still regret the past; the things I now have and things that I had.

I feel empty like I am bereft of soul and I've lost my smiles,
And I cannot find them searching hundreds of many miles.
I can't see the light I used to see;  the rope I held on to,
To find myself; to get back up when I was down;
The one thing that felt like truth.

I don't know who I am anymore;  drowning in my confusion,
Lost in my misery; Lost in my history; howling away mind's intrusion

What's this darkness inside me? Can somebody find me?

Hear my pleas; I've lost my smiles and I'm searching ever so blindly.

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