Saturday, 22 February 2014


Every time we speak I am encompassed with rhythmic flow,
A passion; A melody perhaps that's heard every way I go.
Your beauty a reflection of the heavens so pure; so divine,
And I'm struck breathless and left without words every time.

Our heartbeats speak for us as the language of infatuation,
And our minds over think the beauty it can see beyond imagination.
Your eyes are like precious stones; the stars from the night,
And they provide us with dreams; and in the dark a light.

Galaxies are what we think to be elegant and resplendent,
And Its only on dreams that an individual is dependant.
For me the true definition of beauty can only be you,
And my words of rhyme can only ever speak the truth.

Everyday is worth a smile when you are now a part of life,
Looking forward to the next day in the morning light.
A thousand roses symbolise romance; But I say a thousand words,
Though roses are present; words can be the weight of the world.

Your beauty outdoes the sun and moon in constellations,
And the stars orbit you in glimmering congregations.
The universe cannot again produce such radiant beauty,
And these words are dedicated to you like a soldier on duty.

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