Friday, 21 February 2014

A Broken Heart...

My heart has been sliced in two; not metaphorically; literally,
And my mind has been destroyed by false truth; not mentally; physically.
Your love was a lie to murder it's victim,
To take their souls and hearts imprisoned.
Your facade was all too real to those trapped in the prism.

You engulfed me with a poison that infected me,
and I began to lose my soul slowly and defectively.
And when you finalised it all by breaking my heart,
The pain you caused was like there were no more stars.
And it's just gone all dark; I don't know what's close and what's far.
Alone with my shadows to the nights whisper and the dogs bark,
It's like I don't know who I am anymore; I've been ripped apart.
No amount of tears could heal this sorrow lest I drown,
No amount of fears could overcome that which is hollow; at best I frown.

No word can describe my pain; No light for justice,
No world can hide my flames; No right; that's just it.
No worth can ignite my name; No cries for hearts entrusted.
No bird can fly in the rain; No lie for the belief I loved in.

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