Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Stay strong

A smile that can cure the deepest sorrows,
A beauty that can illuminate the day of tomorrow.
A golden hair so precious like the stars that I follow,
Eyes like gems and the vagueness of the rainbows so hollow.

A stranger at first but now it's strange that I care,
Like I've known you since the start amd was always there.
I won't let you face it alone; all the pain that you can bare,
I will always be around; to your beauty I swear.

Though my words may rhyme through poetic reasons,
and the winds may change in time through the seasons.
I will make it my purpose to always make sure you are breathing,
From dawn till dusk I will give my life it's own meaning.

I believe in you and believe that you will be fine,
And thats a promise from my heart till the glimpse of your eyes.
There are always conflicting thoughts from heart to mind,
But i sincerely believe you will be just fine with time.

I think theres a reason we met; you I admire,
And for a perfect wellbeing for you that is my desire.
For your smile to always be on your beautiful place,
And illuminate the surrounding; in every air and space.

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