Thursday, 30 January 2014

Silent Love

When I try to talk to you; to tell you how I feel,
It's like my heart pulls my reins to prevent me.
It's like I lose my voice when I try to face it in real,
And my heart just wants to keep things friendly.

I have  millions of thoughts; millions of feelings,
Odes and melodies in my mind to believe in.
The soothing tunes of heaven to provide a meaning,
And my heartbeats tell a story within the gasps of breathing.

Why is it I lose words when I see your beautiful face,
Why is it I lose my voice and my heart starts to race.
I can't rhyme and I can't even write when my heart is in motion,
So how do I tell you how I feel or that I even have these emotions.

Listening to a million love songs that keeps it alive, 
I thought love was blind but it doesn't choose.
Now day and night it's only ever you that's on my mind,
And sometimes I feel like I have something to prove.

I don't want to pretend or accept that I'm in love,
And I don't want to be in it either. 
Except I never had a choice; , my heart's made it tough,
And in a dream life would be a lot brighter. 

I hear violins in my head; words of poetry form ,
Rhythmic melodies when you come to see me. 
It's like a new symphony in the skies is born,
If I told you now that I love you would you believe me?

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