Thursday, 9 January 2014

Love and Lies

You used to love me the same way; with sparkles in your eyes,
You used to trust me like the rain's haze; creating hope in the skies.

Walking away with your new life hand in hand,
Forgetting your past memories with me;
I never stood a chance.
Those three words you said; were just that; just words,
So I'll forget everything from day one to the day we made a plan.

It's like I meant nothing to you how you easily moved on,
finding a new life; a new love; a new friend.
But in life you only ever get to choose one,
And it was me you promised you'd stick by till the end.

You never loved me; so I don't know why you said it,
A lie to give me false hope and dreams.
I knew this day would come I always dreaded,
I believed in fantasies but now love isn't what it seems.

I won't drown in sorrow in missing you and crying,
Thats the issue; you can move on and so will I.
I won't count my fingers the times you were lying,
But if you can smile now then eventually so will I.

Don't you ever turn back now cause I'll be gone,
It's not my fault you decided to close all the doors.
I remember days when you told your friends that I was the one,
But now I'll smile again and I'tll be bigger than yours.

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