Thursday, 30 January 2014

Silent Love

When I try to talk to you; to tell you how I feel,
It's like my heart pulls my reins to prevent me.
It's like I lose my voice when I try to face it in real,
And my heart just wants to keep things friendly.

I have  millions of thoughts; millions of feelings,
Odes and melodies in my mind to believe in.
The soothing tunes of heaven to provide a meaning,
And my heartbeats tell a story within the gasps of breathing.

Why is it I lose words when I see your beautiful face,
Why is it I lose my voice and my heart starts to race.
I can't rhyme and I can't even write when my heart is in motion,
So how do I tell you how I feel or that I even have these emotions.

Listening to a million love songs that keeps it alive, 
I thought love was blind but it doesn't choose.
Now day and night it's only ever you that's on my mind,
And sometimes I feel like I have something to prove.

I don't want to pretend or accept that I'm in love,
And I don't want to be in it either. 
Except I never had a choice; , my heart's made it tough,
And in a dream life would be a lot brighter. 

I hear violins in my head; words of poetry form ,
Rhythmic melodies when you come to see me. 
It's like a new symphony in the skies is born,
If I told you now that I love you would you believe me?

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Love and Lies

You used to love me the same way; with sparkles in your eyes,
You used to trust me like the rain's haze; creating hope in the skies.

Walking away with your new life hand in hand,
Forgetting your past memories with me;
I never stood a chance.
Those three words you said; were just that; just words,
So I'll forget everything from day one to the day we made a plan.

It's like I meant nothing to you how you easily moved on,
finding a new life; a new love; a new friend.
But in life you only ever get to choose one,
And it was me you promised you'd stick by till the end.

You never loved me; so I don't know why you said it,
A lie to give me false hope and dreams.
I knew this day would come I always dreaded,
I believed in fantasies but now love isn't what it seems.

I won't drown in sorrow in missing you and crying,
Thats the issue; you can move on and so will I.
I won't count my fingers the times you were lying,
But if you can smile now then eventually so will I.

Don't you ever turn back now cause I'll be gone,
It's not my fault you decided to close all the doors.
I remember days when you told your friends that I was the one,
But now I'll smile again and I'tll be bigger than yours.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Stay strong

A smile that can cure the deepest sorrows,
A beauty that can illuminate the day of tomorrow.
A golden hair so precious like the stars that I follow,
Eyes like gems and the vagueness of the rainbows so hollow.

A stranger at first but now it's strange that I care,
Like I've known you since the start amd was always there.
I won't let you face it alone; all the pain that you can bare,
I will always be around; to your beauty I swear.

Though my words may rhyme through poetic reasons,
and the winds may change in time through the seasons.
I will make it my purpose to always make sure you are breathing,
From dawn till dusk I will give my life it's own meaning.

I believe in you and believe that you will be fine,
And thats a promise from my heart till the glimpse of your eyes.
There are always conflicting thoughts from heart to mind,
But i sincerely believe you will be just fine with time.

I think theres a reason we met; you I admire,
And for a perfect wellbeing for you that is my desire.
For your smile to always be on your beautiful place,
And illuminate the surrounding; in every air and space.