Friday, 13 December 2013

What is and What was

Reminissing the days when mornings were bliss and blue,
Believing the beauty of the stars so fixed and true.
Remembering the times when pindrops could be heard,
And the science of poetry was more than just trying to rhyme words.
Memories of old when the nights were silent,
When there were no news of spreading violence.
The days where we could live happily instead of frightened,
When sending signals was just morse code dashes and hyphens.
Melodies of the past can still be recognised in our minds,
Things that will never leave because we were ignorant and blind.
Remembering the days when there was no hate,
Just love for all; regardless of colour; religion or race.
Trying to remember what was to what is can be very hard,
Because thats a past never to be found again in our hearts.
Like the brightness of the stars or the quiet of the dark,
Trying to fix something again that has been torn and broken apart.
Regrets and remorse fill our emotions like never before,
Wishing we hadn't felt this or had to see the things we saw.
Wishing tomorrow would be a better day; a brighter day,
That destinies could be changed and we would have a finer fate.
No more wars; no more injustice; just peace and love in this world,
A day where we stand together even just by words.

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