Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Screaming Soul

Silence of a dying heart; frightened cause of the crying stars,
Screams of extinguished plights; No strength left to keep fighting dark.

The poison of the world injected into our veins,
Infects our souls to the core of our being.
The whispers of the words disected into our pains,
And we can't endure any of the things that we're feeling.

Aparitions of the past haunt and taunt; shadowing the walls,
Our futures hiding away allowing our present to engulf; narrowing the calls.
Sights of a prosperous life now become dying hope,
Our hearts bleeding because of our crying souls.

The world forcing us to our knees; we pray - Oh lord save us,
Blind to see the truth , 
led astray by the mind 
denying those who embrace us.

Taking our spoils of war by a firm grasp,
yet winning nothing but the soils of emptiness.
Why do we fight when victory does not last,
And nothing can contain plight or lift this heaviness.

My heart cries; bleeds the pain it cannot bare,
Screaming it's loneliness just wanting someone to care.
Dying; crying and trying; tired of the fakes constantly lying,
Hoping and dreaming for someone to set free a soul smiling.

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