Sunday, 15 December 2013

All I'll ever be...

From the moment I saw you thats when I knew,
That I was in love with an angel; yes that's you.
I told you how I felt that very same moment I learned,
And though it seemed like a surprise you ignored the truth.

Following the days releasing love you said I was just a friend,
A cover in the shadow ; nothing more than a comrade in the end.
Days fly past yet my heart didn't want to give up on you,
Telling myself I can think I can forget but I just can't pretend.

My feelings were the reasons I kept on breathing,
And even I wanted to find a purpose and every possible meaning,
To why I can't stop loving you the way that I do,
But now I realise that the only possible answer is leaving.

I can't go on anymore with false hopes and dreams,
The thoughts and desires that mix; the meaningless smiles in my sleep.
You don't understand and you never will understand my love,
Because for you it's nothing but for me it's everything what life seems.

I was just a best friend; someone you needed when you cried,
I'm sorry I can't do it; I can't move on even  though I've tried.
I can't love you like this and then be just a friend,
You can only really understand if you actually looked into my eyes.

Everytime I see you my heart skips a beat or two,
My blood starts pumping and I lose my breath too.
I can't be the same guy you expect to be there,
Though I do care; my love for you will be the cause of my death soon.

Forever hoping and dreaming that one day things will change,
They say you have to face every obstacle and every pain,
To find a new day; a blue day and a new end,
That maybe I could be something more and not just a friend.

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