Thursday, 7 November 2013

The days that pass

Days pass by through the summer skies and gentle breeze,
Waves splash high by the beaches; sounds of harmony and peace.
The sun shining in all of it's glory; high in majesty making life at ease,
The clouds that float by so calmly; a day can quickly turn into a week.

Everyday is a new day; new adventures to explore,
Yesterday becomes a part of the past; forget what happened before.
Live for today and not for what has passed;
Because life doesn't stay for anyone; it flies away so very fast.

Thoughts can become memories; they stay in your mind,
Feelings become what you had; but stay in your heart's light.
Echoes of melodies can be heard in the night skies;
And become our remedies and fulfill our destinies and make us fly high.

Apparitions of our past will always haunt us,
The shadows of regret and remorse will always taunt us.
Rejuvenate our souls by living a new life with a new sight,
And with the clouds as our cushions we can reach new heights.

There will always be strong and weak; pure and evil,
Different types of people who are either sturdy or feeble.
If we stay strong in ourselves we can never be defeated,
And having that faith in ourselves we need to always believe it.

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