Sunday, 10 November 2013

Stab me again

What is this shadow covering my heart from smiling,
No light in my sight; like no signal when my phone is dialing.
No answer; no ringtone; just the predictable silence,
Like the vivid vision of a world where there is no violence.
What is this cold I feel from my head to my spine,
From my heart to soul; everything I see with my eyes.
No more warmth from the sun; no joy in my heart,
Depressed and broken to pieces like paper that has been torn apart.
I had a smile once; and It used to be stuck on my face,
And I was always happy; always in the right place.
It's like I was stabbed in both my front and back,
and I can't even bleed but it hurts worse than that.
No tears in my eyes but my heart is screaming,
No fears in your lies but the stars are screeching,
I thought I was dreaming; I didn't know what I was believing,
But life isn't always bliss; not when the reaper is preaching.
The winds blow with the secrets of time,
and I would try to find them when she used to be mine.
It's like in an instance; I lost everything including myself,
Nobody know what the real truth is or what lies tell.
Stab me with a knife or a sword; the wound is the same,
I don't believe in a real happiness; just in this pain.

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