Monday, 18 November 2013

She's broken...

Her tears are falling; Her heart is hurting,
Thoughts cloud her mind; was all that time really worth it?
Regretting every moment; every memory,
Crying because it hurts and there is no remedy,
Trying to forget what they shared; their melodies.
Wishing that it never happened; that she fought her destiny,
But just sitting back and taking it because it's meant to be.

Her heart broken in two pieces; swearing on her love,
Trying to forget the magical moment; like heaven above.
She falls to her bed; lying down against it looking up,
Millions of thoughts on her mind; the pain is too much.

Questioning her life and what she did to lose it,
picking up the phone to tell him she loves him,
Ready to ask him that she'll do anything to prove it.

But he cuts off the phone and she is left speechless,
as her heart beats grow slower; her love is a weakness.
She sits in a corner; crying over the fact he cheated,
Swearing to never again to trust love; never again believe it.
Broken; full of misery and sorrow; left alone,
This is what happens if you treat them wrong; you break their souls.

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