Friday, 15 November 2013

Purpose Of Life

Starry skies filled with shadows of remorse and regret,
A whirlwind of confusion on the pool of emotions that  we felt.
Hearts heavy with burden unanswerable to our minds,
Looking for the light with our eyes but we seem to be blind.
Cloudless winter days ahead of us with nothing but breaths of cold,
Affecting our warmth penetrating right into our souls.
The ghouls that haunt us; our nightmares that taunt us,
And through our experiences and mistakes that taught us.
Whispers of the night like a blade past our ears,
That stabbing like feeling in the hearts when facing our fears.
Dreaming of a blissful fantasy that fades into empty images,
Created in our minds; illusions puzzled the pathways of many distances.
Trying to find a rope to climb; a rope to keep hold,
To escape the forever holding darkness to free our souls.
Imagine a life without meaning; a life without purpose,
Was everything that we suffered for in the end all worthless?
Imagine finding your last breath; in a meeting with death,
Laying on the bed; inhaling your final wishes down to your regrets.
What would your thoughts be; how would you feel,
Or would you be so frightened that none of it was real?
Would you understand your heart; everything that it bled,
From the silent screams; to every pain that was felt.
Would you know the darkness; would you know what the stars meant,
The lights in the skies that guide us; or would you keep it to your last breath?

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