Monday, 25 November 2013

Never trust anyone

I remember days ago when you promised me,
That you would always be there and you said you said it honestly.
A fool I was to believe the lies in those fake words,
Only now I realise that the truth isn't your policy.

Going our seperate ways you're living your own life,
How many other people are you going to poison with lies?
Hiding behind a front; a fake face; a blunt knife,
But just as deadly as a sharp one; why was I blind?

 I'm used to being stabbed in the front; now in the back,
No such thing as a true friend and that's a cruel fact.
Illusions that the world covers our eyes with,
The passion in my heart; inspirations I find and write with.
Rhymes of life; echoes of pain and melodies of deceit,
Living life with a head up fighting destinies of belief.

No more trust; never keep it cause it gets broken,
Enemies and friends come from the same place,
Eventually both are liars except enemies are open,
While friends are hidden  and slip away like snakes.

Never trust a word; Never trust a false promise,
Never trust the world; Never trust someone who claims to be honest.
Never trust an angel; nor the devil who claims to be a friend,
Never trust a stranger; nor somebody who seems heaven sent.
Never trust anyone; not a word or breath,
Trust only yourself; everyday until the day of your death.

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