Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Fighting Life

Aparitions of the past present in the dark of my room,
Shadows of regret crawl along the wall in sync with mental doom.

Whispers of the night reach my heart and frighten me,
Paranoia reaches an extreme level; the dark enlivens me.

The devil  upon his hellish throne plotting and planning,
Ensuring no flaws like the computers we use cropping and scanning.

The stars in awe and majesty lose light and hope,
The moon cradled upon the galaxies; now just as plain as rope.

The heavens we pray for now just seems like a fantasy,
The only thing that is real is the pain and the agonies.

Every day is a fight; from the morning till the light sets,
Counting our blessings when we lay in our nice beds.

We strive on the melodies of life; our heart beats,
Each one like a drum yet as magical as when the stars speak.

There is yet hope; a light even in the smallest shades,
Never give up; Never stop trying even in the coldest rains.

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