Friday, 1 November 2013

Broken By Your Lies

Contemplating the life we lived and the memories we shared,
And the emotions we created; how much we cared.
Sounds of the echoes and whispers of the breeze could be heard,
In our moment of affections of just us two not a third.
I could feel your love descending from the skies we were under,
Never a rainy day; never a storm never a day of thunder.
Our love could travel the world and split the heavens asunder,
And this feeling we had was more than just a marvellous wonder.
I had you in my soul whispering to my heart beats,
And when you're not with me I understand how being torn apart feels.
When I'm around you I can even hear the stars speak,
And love is something that even the dark fears.
These were my thoughts in life and in my dreams,
A time when I felt everything so was so perfect and serene.
But your lies destroyed all my joy; every drop and seed,
That was to bloom in harmony you made it hard for me to breathe,
And now there is no peace or a moment of ease,
No melodies at night for a moment of sleep.
I hear the echoes of your lies in the cold nights,
Regrets fill my sorrows with despair on the fact I called you mine,
No matter how much I try; I always sleep in tears because I cry,
And the false love you defied;  I thought we could touch the skies.
I was blind; now I understand the expression that love isn't always right.
And breaking everything that I was; can you sleep with a smile at night?
Broken by your lies; I shed my tears every night when I cry,
But you live happily like theres a new rainbow in the skies.

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  1. i like, i relating to this. No matter how much I try; I always sleep in tears because I cry...eish.