Monday, 25 November 2013

Never trust anyone

I remember days ago when you promised me,
That you would always be there and you said you said it honestly.
A fool I was to believe the lies in those fake words,
Only now I realise that the truth isn't your policy.

Going our seperate ways you're living your own life,
How many other people are you going to poison with lies?
Hiding behind a front; a fake face; a blunt knife,
But just as deadly as a sharp one; why was I blind?

 I'm used to being stabbed in the front; now in the back,
No such thing as a true friend and that's a cruel fact.
Illusions that the world covers our eyes with,
The passion in my heart; inspirations I find and write with.
Rhymes of life; echoes of pain and melodies of deceit,
Living life with a head up fighting destinies of belief.

No more trust; never keep it cause it gets broken,
Enemies and friends come from the same place,
Eventually both are liars except enemies are open,
While friends are hidden  and slip away like snakes.

Never trust a word; Never trust a false promise,
Never trust the world; Never trust someone who claims to be honest.
Never trust an angel; nor the devil who claims to be a friend,
Never trust a stranger; nor somebody who seems heaven sent.
Never trust anyone; not a word or breath,
Trust only yourself; everyday until the day of your death.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Fighting Life

Aparitions of the past present in the dark of my room,
Shadows of regret crawl along the wall in sync with mental doom.

Whispers of the night reach my heart and frighten me,
Paranoia reaches an extreme level; the dark enlivens me.

The devil  upon his hellish throne plotting and planning,
Ensuring no flaws like the computers we use cropping and scanning.

The stars in awe and majesty lose light and hope,
The moon cradled upon the galaxies; now just as plain as rope.

The heavens we pray for now just seems like a fantasy,
The only thing that is real is the pain and the agonies.

Every day is a fight; from the morning till the light sets,
Counting our blessings when we lay in our nice beds.

We strive on the melodies of life; our heart beats,
Each one like a drum yet as magical as when the stars speak.

There is yet hope; a light even in the smallest shades,
Never give up; Never stop trying even in the coldest rains.

Monday, 18 November 2013

She's broken...

Her tears are falling; Her heart is hurting,
Thoughts cloud her mind; was all that time really worth it?
Regretting every moment; every memory,
Crying because it hurts and there is no remedy,
Trying to forget what they shared; their melodies.
Wishing that it never happened; that she fought her destiny,
But just sitting back and taking it because it's meant to be.

Her heart broken in two pieces; swearing on her love,
Trying to forget the magical moment; like heaven above.
She falls to her bed; lying down against it looking up,
Millions of thoughts on her mind; the pain is too much.

Questioning her life and what she did to lose it,
picking up the phone to tell him she loves him,
Ready to ask him that she'll do anything to prove it.

But he cuts off the phone and she is left speechless,
as her heart beats grow slower; her love is a weakness.
She sits in a corner; crying over the fact he cheated,
Swearing to never again to trust love; never again believe it.
Broken; full of misery and sorrow; left alone,
This is what happens if you treat them wrong; you break their souls.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Purpose Of Life

Starry skies filled with shadows of remorse and regret,
A whirlwind of confusion on the pool of emotions that  we felt.
Hearts heavy with burden unanswerable to our minds,
Looking for the light with our eyes but we seem to be blind.
Cloudless winter days ahead of us with nothing but breaths of cold,
Affecting our warmth penetrating right into our souls.
The ghouls that haunt us; our nightmares that taunt us,
And through our experiences and mistakes that taught us.
Whispers of the night like a blade past our ears,
That stabbing like feeling in the hearts when facing our fears.
Dreaming of a blissful fantasy that fades into empty images,
Created in our minds; illusions puzzled the pathways of many distances.
Trying to find a rope to climb; a rope to keep hold,
To escape the forever holding darkness to free our souls.
Imagine a life without meaning; a life without purpose,
Was everything that we suffered for in the end all worthless?
Imagine finding your last breath; in a meeting with death,
Laying on the bed; inhaling your final wishes down to your regrets.
What would your thoughts be; how would you feel,
Or would you be so frightened that none of it was real?
Would you understand your heart; everything that it bled,
From the silent screams; to every pain that was felt.
Would you know the darkness; would you know what the stars meant,
The lights in the skies that guide us; or would you keep it to your last breath?

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Stab me again

What is this shadow covering my heart from smiling,
No light in my sight; like no signal when my phone is dialing.
No answer; no ringtone; just the predictable silence,
Like the vivid vision of a world where there is no violence.
What is this cold I feel from my head to my spine,
From my heart to soul; everything I see with my eyes.
No more warmth from the sun; no joy in my heart,
Depressed and broken to pieces like paper that has been torn apart.
I had a smile once; and It used to be stuck on my face,
And I was always happy; always in the right place.
It's like I was stabbed in both my front and back,
and I can't even bleed but it hurts worse than that.
No tears in my eyes but my heart is screaming,
No fears in your lies but the stars are screeching,
I thought I was dreaming; I didn't know what I was believing,
But life isn't always bliss; not when the reaper is preaching.
The winds blow with the secrets of time,
and I would try to find them when she used to be mine.
It's like in an instance; I lost everything including myself,
Nobody know what the real truth is or what lies tell.
Stab me with a knife or a sword; the wound is the same,
I don't believe in a real happiness; just in this pain.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

The days that pass

Days pass by through the summer skies and gentle breeze,
Waves splash high by the beaches; sounds of harmony and peace.
The sun shining in all of it's glory; high in majesty making life at ease,
The clouds that float by so calmly; a day can quickly turn into a week.

Everyday is a new day; new adventures to explore,
Yesterday becomes a part of the past; forget what happened before.
Live for today and not for what has passed;
Because life doesn't stay for anyone; it flies away so very fast.

Thoughts can become memories; they stay in your mind,
Feelings become what you had; but stay in your heart's light.
Echoes of melodies can be heard in the night skies;
And become our remedies and fulfill our destinies and make us fly high.

Apparitions of our past will always haunt us,
The shadows of regret and remorse will always taunt us.
Rejuvenate our souls by living a new life with a new sight,
And with the clouds as our cushions we can reach new heights.

There will always be strong and weak; pure and evil,
Different types of people who are either sturdy or feeble.
If we stay strong in ourselves we can never be defeated,
And having that faith in ourselves we need to always believe it.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Broken By Your Lies

Contemplating the life we lived and the memories we shared,
And the emotions we created; how much we cared.
Sounds of the echoes and whispers of the breeze could be heard,
In our moment of affections of just us two not a third.
I could feel your love descending from the skies we were under,
Never a rainy day; never a storm never a day of thunder.
Our love could travel the world and split the heavens asunder,
And this feeling we had was more than just a marvellous wonder.
I had you in my soul whispering to my heart beats,
And when you're not with me I understand how being torn apart feels.
When I'm around you I can even hear the stars speak,
And love is something that even the dark fears.
These were my thoughts in life and in my dreams,
A time when I felt everything so was so perfect and serene.
But your lies destroyed all my joy; every drop and seed,
That was to bloom in harmony you made it hard for me to breathe,
And now there is no peace or a moment of ease,
No melodies at night for a moment of sleep.
I hear the echoes of your lies in the cold nights,
Regrets fill my sorrows with despair on the fact I called you mine,
No matter how much I try; I always sleep in tears because I cry,
And the false love you defied;  I thought we could touch the skies.
I was blind; now I understand the expression that love isn't always right.
And breaking everything that I was; can you sleep with a smile at night?
Broken by your lies; I shed my tears every night when I cry,
But you live happily like theres a new rainbow in the skies.