Sunday, 20 October 2013

Like A Flame

Nights of silence yield to the shadows of our world,
Skies of red and violence fill the ambience with lethal words.
Peace is a fantasy and a word that needs to be erased,
From memories of our minds and an existence from it's place.

Everyone would spend their lives looking for a happiness; love,
It's not till after the pain when the reality is that it can't be touched.
Spending our daily lives meeting new people full of hope and trust,
But end our nights filled with pain that just becomes too much.

Why is it that we look for our dreams in a world that is a false reality,
trying to overcome all agonies living in a false peace with friends and family.
We live till our lives end with one mentality; that we can live out our fantasies,
But when we finally reached our deathbeds we regret what we had to see.

Memories and destinies; enemies from the sound of a melody,
Trying to avoid the life that is meant to be; looking for a remedy.
This life is a test; and I also admit that I think love isn't meant for me,
But at least I'm alive ; so no complaints and I'm blessed to be.

Words can be as lethal as bullets or a cure for the soul,
They can be as blunt as bronze or as valuable as gold.
It depends on how you read life; with your mind or your heart,
And if you truly understand you could even grasp the stars.

Let not one sorrow be the end; let us not finish in misery,
Stay optimistic; let us not end our lives with a negative history.
When you fall down; get straight back up again,
Don't be a victim to weakness and rise up like a flame.