Friday, 20 September 2013

Your False Love

It's so hard to breathe; confined in heartache,
My mind has fallen apart; I'm so used to heartbreak.
Impedimence in my speech; hesitation in my feelings,
Now when I say something it has a complete different meaning.

The world on my shoulders; no one will understand,
Nothing to chase my fears away; not even the thunder can.
My heart already in pieces;  buried in sorrow like being under sand.
Nothing but mistakes and wrongs like a blundered plan.

Your smile is what gave me a reason;
To count every breath i breathed and the beats my heart was beating.
Even feelings can change like the four seasons,
and now every one of them has a different meaning.
You're suffocating me with your decieving lies,
How did I fall in love with those false believing eyes?
Treacherous like the devil's shadow in the night dark,
Breaking hope with deception extinguishing the sky's stars.
You said you loved me; Said I had the right heart,
and you made me feel like I could really fly far.

I won't trust a word; I won't believe a hint,
I won't fall for any of the things you sing; it's a cruel world.
Now that I'm turning my back don't try to find me,
Leave me be and don't ever stand behind me.
Love is just a word that falls from your mouth,
Not a feeling that will break someone; just a spoken sound.
Love isn't in your heart; just the lies you live with,
Don't message me again; I don't want the attention that you give him.
So this is farewell; not on the best terms but this is goodbye,
It started with once upon a time when I fell for your good eyes.
I'll forget why I even tried; and keep it to myself that I cried,
And always remember that you were just full of lies.

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