Friday, 20 September 2013

Word's aren't enough

I don't think words justify the way I feel,
Putting words together doesn't make the magic real.
If i could show you with what I do; then I have no fears,
From flying to the heavens down to your heart to see what I can steal.

If you really want to know then take a look in my heart,
It's illuminated by your light; not a single piece is dark.
No matter where you are; if here or a million miles far,
I just look at the sky and count all of the stars..
Waiting even if forever but I know it's you,
From the very first word you read; it's all true.
The way you make me smile like when the skies are blue,
Don't you worry cause I'll be seeing you soon.
Just so I can smile myself away to sleep,
Then wake up again to realise that you're not just a dream.

I have a million thoughts especially when you're on my mind,
And it's not just cause I think of you a million times.
Feelings are real and turn into words that rhyme,
And an adventure of emotions till the last beam of light.
Let me just finish with that there truly isn't a fairer sight,
Than the one I love; the  one I can call mine.

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