Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Those Eyes...

Hazel eyes like the pure crystals of heavens that descends,
A flow of grace throughout the world; the blessings that defend.

A beauty unspoken; Impossible to describe with a few words,
An ambience of elegance in a life to live in a new world.

Dedication and commitment; qualities of perfection,
Perfectly introduced in a soul in sight of every perception.

Outspoken and extrovert; qualities of confidence extruding,
Like a blissful dream we don't wake from; the annoyance we're excusing.

Beauty isn't defined by what is outside;  but also the inside,
And in regards to the great things of life you've given me an insight.

The things worth living for are the things we work for,
and we continue to strive for ambitions no matter how hurtful.

Heaven is confirmed ; it's belief is defined by your existence, 
Because no human soul is so beautiful; not in any instance.

Melodies of rhyme forever in the remedies of life,
The destinies of minds can keep the enemies blind.

Keep the memories nice if what's meant to be is right,
The best in me was found when I was meant to see the light.

Your eyes are alas more than just a beautiful dream,
Your soul is the bliss that can be found in slumber and sleep.

I feel I've found a new journey in life when I see your eyes, 
though it'll stay in my mind I'll be flying in the skies.

From the clouds that float by and the wind's silent whispers,
From the sun of spring till the end of the cold of winter.

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