Friday, 20 September 2013

Your False Love

It's so hard to breathe; confined in heartache,
My mind has fallen apart; I'm so used to heartbreak.
Impedimence in my speech; hesitation in my feelings,
Now when I say something it has a complete different meaning.

The world on my shoulders; no one will understand,
Nothing to chase my fears away; not even the thunder can.
My heart already in pieces;  buried in sorrow like being under sand.
Nothing but mistakes and wrongs like a blundered plan.

Your smile is what gave me a reason;
To count every breath i breathed and the beats my heart was beating.
Even feelings can change like the four seasons,
and now every one of them has a different meaning.
You're suffocating me with your decieving lies,
How did I fall in love with those false believing eyes?
Treacherous like the devil's shadow in the night dark,
Breaking hope with deception extinguishing the sky's stars.
You said you loved me; Said I had the right heart,
and you made me feel like I could really fly far.

I won't trust a word; I won't believe a hint,
I won't fall for any of the things you sing; it's a cruel world.
Now that I'm turning my back don't try to find me,
Leave me be and don't ever stand behind me.
Love is just a word that falls from your mouth,
Not a feeling that will break someone; just a spoken sound.
Love isn't in your heart; just the lies you live with,
Don't message me again; I don't want the attention that you give him.
So this is farewell; not on the best terms but this is goodbye,
It started with once upon a time when I fell for your good eyes.
I'll forget why I even tried; and keep it to myself that I cried,
And always remember that you were just full of lies.

Word's aren't enough

I don't think words justify the way I feel,
Putting words together doesn't make the magic real.
If i could show you with what I do; then I have no fears,
From flying to the heavens down to your heart to see what I can steal.

If you really want to know then take a look in my heart,
It's illuminated by your light; not a single piece is dark.
No matter where you are; if here or a million miles far,
I just look at the sky and count all of the stars..
Waiting even if forever but I know it's you,
From the very first word you read; it's all true.
The way you make me smile like when the skies are blue,
Don't you worry cause I'll be seeing you soon.
Just so I can smile myself away to sleep,
Then wake up again to realise that you're not just a dream.

I have a million thoughts especially when you're on my mind,
And it's not just cause I think of you a million times.
Feelings are real and turn into words that rhyme,
And an adventure of emotions till the last beam of light.
Let me just finish with that there truly isn't a fairer sight,
Than the one I love; the  one I can call mine.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Those Eyes...

Hazel eyes like the pure crystals of heavens that descends,
A flow of grace throughout the world; the blessings that defend.

A beauty unspoken; Impossible to describe with a few words,
An ambience of elegance in a life to live in a new world.

Dedication and commitment; qualities of perfection,
Perfectly introduced in a soul in sight of every perception.

Outspoken and extrovert; qualities of confidence extruding,
Like a blissful dream we don't wake from; the annoyance we're excusing.

Beauty isn't defined by what is outside;  but also the inside,
And in regards to the great things of life you've given me an insight.

The things worth living for are the things we work for,
and we continue to strive for ambitions no matter how hurtful.

Heaven is confirmed ; it's belief is defined by your existence, 
Because no human soul is so beautiful; not in any instance.

Melodies of rhyme forever in the remedies of life,
The destinies of minds can keep the enemies blind.

Keep the memories nice if what's meant to be is right,
The best in me was found when I was meant to see the light.

Your eyes are alas more than just a beautiful dream,
Your soul is the bliss that can be found in slumber and sleep.

I feel I've found a new journey in life when I see your eyes, 
though it'll stay in my mind I'll be flying in the skies.

From the clouds that float by and the wind's silent whispers,
From the sun of spring till the end of the cold of winter.