Friday, 2 August 2013

What I Had Found

I rubbed my eyes once; twice in disbelief of what I had found,
Twas like a dream that finally revealed itself from all doubts.
A serenade of a desire; that had always been a wish,
And now that one "want" has become a happiness and bliss.
Never did I think possible; to find a heart like mine,
In a beautiful woman like you; who shares the same mind.
Your love for the things I love keeps me in an eternal awe,
Your similarities to me struck me in disbelief and defied Heavens Law.
Were you sent as a blessing in my life to keep my grin alive,
Were you to be a companion in work side by side to help my sight?
Your voice as sweet as the melodies played in my dream world,
During phone calls; that last till the hourglass finishes its hurl.
and maybe when in my mind; the rhymes finish its words,
Because surely you are beyond the magnificence of gems and pearls,
and your voice is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.
Forgive me for I dare not lose your presence from my life,
Someone who mirrors my soul perfectly from heart  to mind.
Someone who understands me perfectly without your eyes.
A lover of tea; with no secrets and nothing to hide.
You are that missing piece; to the puzzle I could not complete,
And now it is finished; and life is obsolete!

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