Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Friendship Paradigm

No matter how I feel I don't have the words to say to you,
And so it seems that all I'll ever be is a mate to you.
You'll never understand that I want to be more than friends,
Where we can go everywhere hand in hand till heavens ends.
I want to be the one who cherishes your heart,
The only one who lights up your world like a million stars.
The person from whom you can't bare being apart,
Nor from whom you can't bare the thought of being far.
I want to be the one that always  crosses your mind,
Like the way you cross mine; my heart and my eyes.
I don't wanna be stuck as friends; I want to be your lover,
I want you to choose me and not another.
But we're stuck in a paradigm you will never understand,
Like the rainbow that appears the thunder planned.
I want to be able to take you out and leave you with a smile,
And I want to be the only one you ever want to dial.
But you just want to be friends and I guess it's okay,
I'll just sit here and hope that you'll understand one day.
Maybe you'll miss me one day; maybe you'd want to call me,
It's just a fantasy conjured up that just seems to haunt me.
I don't want to stay as friends because it's true that I love you,
And you're not just a friend; you're an angel from above too.
Dear crush please take my heart and finally listen,
I want to be more than friends; my feelings are no longer hidden.

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