Saturday, 17 August 2013

Smoking Life Away

Exhale the smoke; it feels real good tonight,
Twenty box; each one is real good to light.
Loosens the tightness and takes away the stress,
while everyone I see are acting like they've been blessed.
I don't do it for the image I do it for my mind,
to take the boulder weight off and use more of my eyes.
I'd rather see life then constantly think about it,
Of what it could be or has been or what I would be without it.
Inhale the white end; without even trying,
It takes away the burden without even fighting.
No need to speak; no need to keep on lying,
Just a drag and I can avoid all of the crying.
People telling me every puff and I'm moments from dying,
Trying to make me stop freeing myself and stop hiding.
I'm doing this because I really just don't want to face it,
All the drama in my life; I'm showing im against it.
Just a quick one outta the box and the stress is gone when I've blazed it,
Can anyone understand the reality of why I fake it?
It's a psychological effect on our thoughts that blame it,
Thinking smoking will make it fine but it won't erase it.
Just throw the damn thing away; that's not how you live,
You only take as much as you are ready to give.
We don't need to breathe out smoke to help ourselves,
And all that will do is wreck our health.
So respect yourself,
We all do it in life; some for a reason and some for reputation,
But think about it before you do it; and next time I hope there's hesitation.
Remember you're not just throwing your life away;
You're smoking it away
And one day it'll get so bad it'll feel like it's choking your brains.
So tell me if it's worth it just to worsen what you have,
To reach a point where it's pointless even looking back.
Stay healthy; stop smoking and live a brighter life,
darkness is temporary; just wait for the nicer sights.

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