Monday, 26 August 2013

Reality of Love

Despair that I can't repair ; Sorrow that I just can't follow,
She said she cared; but she isn't fair and has left me so hollow.
Misery that has history; Broken isn't the only adjective open.
She lifted me to heaven so blissfully;
And I felt like I was floating.
A heart screaming to the lonely stars speaking,
The dark screeching right to the far believing.
Silence revealing the painful truth that the start was concealing.
A unsolevable puzzle with questions that just can't be answered,
Too many thoughts; a disease that cannot be cured like cancer.
Love isn't the answer to happiness; it is one of two,
The element to evil or a fantasy of joy but it's shun of truth.
If secrets were sought then learn what a broken heart speaks,
Whispers of unveiling nightmares; joy that the dark seeks.
Shadows crawl through orifices vulnerable through wreck,
Emotionally distraught; mind infected by a plague to lose all respect.
A poison that flows through the veins from the centre,
to destroy the core and the soul like the cold of december.
Melodies were remedies to some of our painful memories,
But love is a havok to the things we want to remember.
Love is a disease that will eventually destroy the mind,
Infecting all that is pure from the glimpse of the eyes.
Love is something that we chase directly from our ignorance,
It is something that is developed and not a beginning interest.
Wars are instant like our thoughts we kept so distant,
But love will hypnotise; and when we fall in it we just won't listen.
Love isn't a soothing hymn from heaven but a deceptive song from hell,
Love isn't what we count as a blessing,
Nor tales of joy or stories that we tell.
Love can only be what destiny decides,
Wether its happiness or pain that resides.
Love isn't in our control so just keep it inside,
And never succumb to it's evil for a miserable insight.

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