Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Do you ever feel that in reality no body is really there,
Especially the ones that promise that they'll always care.
Do you ever feel that no matter what life just isn't fair,
And they don't actually help with what you can't bare.
Do you ever feel that such a thing as a real friend even exists,
Question it's truth to the extent that this is evil bliss.
I don't believe in trust because promises are just as fake,
Words that are said but never kept;and slide away like snakes.
I don't believe in a true friend because they also change,
You can't expect someone to always be the same.
Through the sunny days of summer till the autumn rain,
Nor can you expect someone to bare your pain.
Life is for living on your own; it's your journey,
just as you compete in competitions on your own like in tourneys.
Don't let your thoughts become your eternal beliefs,
because when the truth hits you; there will be no relief,
And it will be harder to breathe; and you'll constantly question peace,
And dream of a life of ease but the fantasies will cease.
Don't live your life only based on how you feel,
Because thats not living; it's not even real.

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