Saturday, 10 August 2013

Rhythms of Love

Looking for the poetry in my heart with your voice in my head,
Looking for the words from the stars with choices to test.
Sitting alone in the dark waiting to hear from you,
Contemplating my emotions and even fearing it's true.
That I've fallen in love with you; and everything you symbolise,
And the sparkle of your eyes which I think are nice.
Your warm laugh that can make the world glow when it's dark,
when there is no light left; you keep me from breaking apart.
You're like the moon to my sun; there is no life without you,
Just like the saying goes that there is no lie without truth.
Oh beloved why is it that you live away so many miles,
when there isn't a day that passes that I fall in love with your smiles.
The bond that we have; connection that is stronger than bluetooth,
has caused me to hear melodies of romance; some I've heard from Youtube.
There isn't a moment when you haven't crossed my mind,
You've caught my eyes and you've got my sight.
They say love is blind but I see you just fine,
but you've stolen my heart and you have my life.
You're not just a crush or somebody I like,
because cupid has hit me with an arrow of love from ever so high.
What is this feeling;heart beating without reason,
With rhythms of passion changing like the four seasons.
Often in life we live to figure out the purpose to our breathing,
But halfway through our time we wake from sleeping,
Then experience living out the things we were dreaming.
This stirring in my heart isn't just something I can forget though i'd love to,
But I guess you should really know that I love you

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