Monday, 5 August 2013

Does she?

Holding  my heart in my hands ready to gift it,
In thoughts of whom I love and if she feels the same way.
Taking life by the handles and finally ready to live it,
But the doubt and fear of not knowing is a pain sake.

Listening to whispers of mixed reality clueless,
Trying to force belief into myself that it would be fine.
Just tell her I love her and I won't look stupid,
But thats the method when you don't use your mind.

Should I send her a bouquet of roses to symbolise,
All the feelings I'm keeping inside; what would she say?
I don't want to be cliched so should I improvise,
Yet the fear of rejection always passes day by day.

I shall sit here like a lost child just wondering,
If ever she shall feel the way that I do.
What am I really afraid of; making mistakes and blundering,
Or expressing my love but looking like a fool?

I sit here writing these words; these rhythms not breathed,
Wishing life was easy to travel by like light.
If I let her know would I find my peace,
Or would I fall into darkness with tears in my eyes?

Oh love do you torment and taunt me,
wondering and wanting for her to understand how I feel.
Like ghosts of my pasts do you always haunt me,
But love isn't a dream; the pain is very real.

Sighing away my hopes thinking if she ever thinks of me,
With dreams of a blissful companionship forever.
Wishing that like the angels she would sing of me,
Praising my love for her; but a dream it'll remain
And reality never...

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