Friday, 23 August 2013

Deceptive World

The fragrance of the summer flowers spread with the wind,
Like the clouds that float by in gentleness as days begin.
 The green grass stagnant in colour as the trees  sway,
And if we keep the silence we can hear what the breeze says.

Cold nights like whispers in the dark when bereft of stars,
The eerie silence of the streets that leave us with no peace,
Or ease yet strikes mighty hope in our doubtful hearts.
Hope that showers in a glow of elegance even when we bleed.

The flickering street lamps as if entities of other worlds were passing,
The howling winds as if to screech in peril like the scratching of glasses.
The blanket of black that covers our skies till the time of dawn,
And an even longer lasting period of darkness when we are fasting.

It's like we can see a dying hope in the world in the fading days,
Like as if the darkness is only temporary with the rainy haze.
Can we look forward to a new light in the arrival of dawn,
Or are my rhythms wasted because eternal evil is born?

 There are no remedies left in the painful melodies,
No more energy left to keep fighting our destinies.
I don't remember things that were said to me;
But I always forever will see things that are meant to be.
Blind ignorance; who are our friends and who are the enemies?
Mind interests; chasing materialistic lives and paying prices heavily.

Shadows shall forever fill our world whether hidden or in sight,
But it's only our voice and our choice if we want to cure the inside.

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