Monday, 26 August 2013

Reality of Love

Despair that I can't repair ; Sorrow that I just can't follow,
She said she cared; but she isn't fair and has left me so hollow.
Misery that has history; Broken isn't the only adjective open.
She lifted me to heaven so blissfully;
And I felt like I was floating.
A heart screaming to the lonely stars speaking,
The dark screeching right to the far believing.
Silence revealing the painful truth that the start was concealing.
A unsolevable puzzle with questions that just can't be answered,
Too many thoughts; a disease that cannot be cured like cancer.
Love isn't the answer to happiness; it is one of two,
The element to evil or a fantasy of joy but it's shun of truth.
If secrets were sought then learn what a broken heart speaks,
Whispers of unveiling nightmares; joy that the dark seeks.
Shadows crawl through orifices vulnerable through wreck,
Emotionally distraught; mind infected by a plague to lose all respect.
A poison that flows through the veins from the centre,
to destroy the core and the soul like the cold of december.
Melodies were remedies to some of our painful memories,
But love is a havok to the things we want to remember.
Love is a disease that will eventually destroy the mind,
Infecting all that is pure from the glimpse of the eyes.
Love is something that we chase directly from our ignorance,
It is something that is developed and not a beginning interest.
Wars are instant like our thoughts we kept so distant,
But love will hypnotise; and when we fall in it we just won't listen.
Love isn't a soothing hymn from heaven but a deceptive song from hell,
Love isn't what we count as a blessing,
Nor tales of joy or stories that we tell.
Love can only be what destiny decides,
Wether its happiness or pain that resides.
Love isn't in our control so just keep it inside,
And never succumb to it's evil for a miserable insight.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Deceptive World

The fragrance of the summer flowers spread with the wind,
Like the clouds that float by in gentleness as days begin.
 The green grass stagnant in colour as the trees  sway,
And if we keep the silence we can hear what the breeze says.

Cold nights like whispers in the dark when bereft of stars,
The eerie silence of the streets that leave us with no peace,
Or ease yet strikes mighty hope in our doubtful hearts.
Hope that showers in a glow of elegance even when we bleed.

The flickering street lamps as if entities of other worlds were passing,
The howling winds as if to screech in peril like the scratching of glasses.
The blanket of black that covers our skies till the time of dawn,
And an even longer lasting period of darkness when we are fasting.

It's like we can see a dying hope in the world in the fading days,
Like as if the darkness is only temporary with the rainy haze.
Can we look forward to a new light in the arrival of dawn,
Or are my rhythms wasted because eternal evil is born?

 There are no remedies left in the painful melodies,
No more energy left to keep fighting our destinies.
I don't remember things that were said to me;
But I always forever will see things that are meant to be.
Blind ignorance; who are our friends and who are the enemies?
Mind interests; chasing materialistic lives and paying prices heavily.

Shadows shall forever fill our world whether hidden or in sight,
But it's only our voice and our choice if we want to cure the inside.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Do you ever feel that in reality no body is really there,
Especially the ones that promise that they'll always care.
Do you ever feel that no matter what life just isn't fair,
And they don't actually help with what you can't bare.
Do you ever feel that such a thing as a real friend even exists,
Question it's truth to the extent that this is evil bliss.
I don't believe in trust because promises are just as fake,
Words that are said but never kept;and slide away like snakes.
I don't believe in a true friend because they also change,
You can't expect someone to always be the same.
Through the sunny days of summer till the autumn rain,
Nor can you expect someone to bare your pain.
Life is for living on your own; it's your journey,
just as you compete in competitions on your own like in tourneys.
Don't let your thoughts become your eternal beliefs,
because when the truth hits you; there will be no relief,
And it will be harder to breathe; and you'll constantly question peace,
And dream of a life of ease but the fantasies will cease.
Don't live your life only based on how you feel,
Because thats not living; it's not even real.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Friendship Paradigm

No matter how I feel I don't have the words to say to you,
And so it seems that all I'll ever be is a mate to you.
You'll never understand that I want to be more than friends,
Where we can go everywhere hand in hand till heavens ends.
I want to be the one who cherishes your heart,
The only one who lights up your world like a million stars.
The person from whom you can't bare being apart,
Nor from whom you can't bare the thought of being far.
I want to be the one that always  crosses your mind,
Like the way you cross mine; my heart and my eyes.
I don't wanna be stuck as friends; I want to be your lover,
I want you to choose me and not another.
But we're stuck in a paradigm you will never understand,
Like the rainbow that appears the thunder planned.
I want to be able to take you out and leave you with a smile,
And I want to be the only one you ever want to dial.
But you just want to be friends and I guess it's okay,
I'll just sit here and hope that you'll understand one day.
Maybe you'll miss me one day; maybe you'd want to call me,
It's just a fantasy conjured up that just seems to haunt me.
I don't want to stay as friends because it's true that I love you,
And you're not just a friend; you're an angel from above too.
Dear crush please take my heart and finally listen,
I want to be more than friends; my feelings are no longer hidden.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Smoking Life Away

Exhale the smoke; it feels real good tonight,
Twenty box; each one is real good to light.
Loosens the tightness and takes away the stress,
while everyone I see are acting like they've been blessed.
I don't do it for the image I do it for my mind,
to take the boulder weight off and use more of my eyes.
I'd rather see life then constantly think about it,
Of what it could be or has been or what I would be without it.
Inhale the white end; without even trying,
It takes away the burden without even fighting.
No need to speak; no need to keep on lying,
Just a drag and I can avoid all of the crying.
People telling me every puff and I'm moments from dying,
Trying to make me stop freeing myself and stop hiding.
I'm doing this because I really just don't want to face it,
All the drama in my life; I'm showing im against it.
Just a quick one outta the box and the stress is gone when I've blazed it,
Can anyone understand the reality of why I fake it?
It's a psychological effect on our thoughts that blame it,
Thinking smoking will make it fine but it won't erase it.
Just throw the damn thing away; that's not how you live,
You only take as much as you are ready to give.
We don't need to breathe out smoke to help ourselves,
And all that will do is wreck our health.
So respect yourself,
We all do it in life; some for a reason and some for reputation,
But think about it before you do it; and next time I hope there's hesitation.
Remember you're not just throwing your life away;
You're smoking it away
And one day it'll get so bad it'll feel like it's choking your brains.
So tell me if it's worth it just to worsen what you have,
To reach a point where it's pointless even looking back.
Stay healthy; stop smoking and live a brighter life,
darkness is temporary; just wait for the nicer sights.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Rhythms of Love

Looking for the poetry in my heart with your voice in my head,
Looking for the words from the stars with choices to test.
Sitting alone in the dark waiting to hear from you,
Contemplating my emotions and even fearing it's true.
That I've fallen in love with you; and everything you symbolise,
And the sparkle of your eyes which I think are nice.
Your warm laugh that can make the world glow when it's dark,
when there is no light left; you keep me from breaking apart.
You're like the moon to my sun; there is no life without you,
Just like the saying goes that there is no lie without truth.
Oh beloved why is it that you live away so many miles,
when there isn't a day that passes that I fall in love with your smiles.
The bond that we have; connection that is stronger than bluetooth,
has caused me to hear melodies of romance; some I've heard from Youtube.
There isn't a moment when you haven't crossed my mind,
You've caught my eyes and you've got my sight.
They say love is blind but I see you just fine,
but you've stolen my heart and you have my life.
You're not just a crush or somebody I like,
because cupid has hit me with an arrow of love from ever so high.
What is this feeling;heart beating without reason,
With rhythms of passion changing like the four seasons.
Often in life we live to figure out the purpose to our breathing,
But halfway through our time we wake from sleeping,
Then experience living out the things we were dreaming.
This stirring in my heart isn't just something I can forget though i'd love to,
But I guess you should really know that I love you

Monday, 5 August 2013

Does she?

Holding  my heart in my hands ready to gift it,
In thoughts of whom I love and if she feels the same way.
Taking life by the handles and finally ready to live it,
But the doubt and fear of not knowing is a pain sake.

Listening to whispers of mixed reality clueless,
Trying to force belief into myself that it would be fine.
Just tell her I love her and I won't look stupid,
But thats the method when you don't use your mind.

Should I send her a bouquet of roses to symbolise,
All the feelings I'm keeping inside; what would she say?
I don't want to be cliched so should I improvise,
Yet the fear of rejection always passes day by day.

I shall sit here like a lost child just wondering,
If ever she shall feel the way that I do.
What am I really afraid of; making mistakes and blundering,
Or expressing my love but looking like a fool?

I sit here writing these words; these rhythms not breathed,
Wishing life was easy to travel by like light.
If I let her know would I find my peace,
Or would I fall into darkness with tears in my eyes?

Oh love do you torment and taunt me,
wondering and wanting for her to understand how I feel.
Like ghosts of my pasts do you always haunt me,
But love isn't a dream; the pain is very real.

Sighing away my hopes thinking if she ever thinks of me,
With dreams of a blissful companionship forever.
Wishing that like the angels she would sing of me,
Praising my love for her; but a dream it'll remain
And reality never...

Friday, 2 August 2013

What I Had Found

I rubbed my eyes once; twice in disbelief of what I had found,
Twas like a dream that finally revealed itself from all doubts.
A serenade of a desire; that had always been a wish,
And now that one "want" has become a happiness and bliss.
Never did I think possible; to find a heart like mine,
In a beautiful woman like you; who shares the same mind.
Your love for the things I love keeps me in an eternal awe,
Your similarities to me struck me in disbelief and defied Heavens Law.
Were you sent as a blessing in my life to keep my grin alive,
Were you to be a companion in work side by side to help my sight?
Your voice as sweet as the melodies played in my dream world,
During phone calls; that last till the hourglass finishes its hurl.
and maybe when in my mind; the rhymes finish its words,
Because surely you are beyond the magnificence of gems and pearls,
and your voice is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.
Forgive me for I dare not lose your presence from my life,
Someone who mirrors my soul perfectly from heart  to mind.
Someone who understands me perfectly without your eyes.
A lover of tea; with no secrets and nothing to hide.
You are that missing piece; to the puzzle I could not complete,
And now it is finished; and life is obsolete!